More to Chew On: Holiday Dinner

By The Chew Crew Nov 27, 2012

The holidays are almost here and nothing brings a family together quite like a good meal.  A new survey from Harris Interactive found that food, more than anything, brings people the most joy during the holidays. After eating food people enjoyed baking, decorating, gifts and shopping.
The holidays are stressful and we’re all looking to save a little time.  Not to worry there are a number of new vending machines that will fill all our cravings on the go.  First off, if your looking for something extravagant Beverly Hills Caviar has unleashed their brand new vending machine that offers a selection of the world’s finest caviar, truffles, escargot, bottarga, blinis, oils, and gourmet salts. An ounce of caviar is being sold for $500.  If you’re looking for something week Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up a “Cupcake ATM Machine” where you can order up to a dozen different flavors of cupcake.  Or if you just can’t get enough pizza Let’s Pizza vending machines will be making their debut in America in 2013. For $5.97, the vending machine serves up a 10.5 inch pizza with a choice of margherita, pepperoni, ham or bacon. The dough is made fresh, assembled per order and boxed in about 2.5 minutes.