More to Chew On: Kids Favorite Snacks

By The Chew Crew Nov 28, 2012

The holidays bring back all kinds of childhood memories - the smell of grandma’s cookies, the sound of family laughter and the thrill of opening that first holiday gift.
Speaking of gifts, Walmart polled 1,000 kids yesterday and asked them what they would be willing to do for the perfect holiday gift.  The answer? They’ll do anything. Some of the top answers included working hard in school, cleaning their rooms daily for a year, and agreeing to eat their spinach.
Kids are just a picky about their snacks as they are about their holiday gifts.  The Chew took at look at some of the most popular snacks that are no longer available at your local grocer.  Did you enjoy any of these treats?
Crystal Pepsi (1992-1993)
Jell-O Pudding Pops (1982-1993)
Pop-Tarts Crunch (1994-1995)
Surge (1996-2002)
Crispy M&M’s (1999-2005)
Twinkies (1930-2012)