More to Chew On: Daphne Debunks

  • By The Chew Crew
Here at The Chew we can’t get enough brunch dishes.  Since this could be our favorite meal of the day we took at look at some of the most common brunch misconceptions in the latest edition of Daphne Debunks.
Myth 1: Eggs are too high in cholesterol and should be avoided.

This myth is completely false.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, eggs have 14% less cholesterol and 64% more vitamin D than the last time the government analyzed them in 2002.  Plus, eggs are an excellent source of protein, only 70-80 calories each, and are not high in fat.  The bottom line is enjoy eggs in moderation, but don’t avoid them.
MYTH 2: Ordering a parfait is the healthy way to go!

This myth is also false.  Most store-bought parfaits contain dessert-like quantities of calories, fat and sugar.  The average parfait includes 350 calories, 35 grams of sugar, and 66 grams of carbs.  Instead of digging into one of these construct your own low fat parfait at home.

MYTH 3: Coffee stunts your growth.

This is also false.  Research shows that coffee consumption has no effect on height.  Furthermore, research from says that coffee is the top source of antioxidants for Americans.  Science shows that in some cases, coffee even prevents cancer, type II diabetes and Parkinson’s.  So start your day with a cup of Joe.

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