More to Chew On: Save Big This Christmas

By The Chew Crew Dec 14, 2012

Money saving website recently released their calendar showing the best days for Christmas shopping. They used data from the past several shopping seasons to calculate this data.  America – if you still have shopping to do, consult this calendar first!  Check out some of the highlights
Best Day for Electronics:
Shop December 14th (TODAY) to 17th.  According to research in the weeks following Black Friday, TV prices go way down.
Best Days for Clothing:
Shop Dec. 17th – Christmas Eve. Stores slash prices of sleepwear, slippers, scarves, sweaters and anything they don’t want to be stuck with come January.
Best Days for Jewelry:
Shop Dec. 15th – 22nd.  Most men leave shopping till the last minute, so jewelry stores take advantage of this.