More to Chew On: Holiday Shopping Tips

By The Chew Crew Dec 03, 2012

The holidays can be a stressful time from dealing with family to buying the right gifts to cooking tons.  In face a new survey says that 1 in 5 people find Christmas shopping to be as stressful as buying a house.  It doesn’t need to be so stressful though.  We’ve a ton of tips that will make your holiday shopping a snap.
Online Shopping
Americans spent 32 billion dollars on online holiday shopping last year. This way, you avoid the stress of stores.   Staying out of the stores and away from long lines will keep your anxiety levels low.
Secret Santa
Spending a ton of money on dozens of gifts is certainly stressful.  Instead of trying to find the perfect gift for twenty of your closest friends and family members get one great gift and contribute to a Secret Santa.
Set a Price Limit
If you are planning on getting gifts for the whole family set a designated amount of money that everyone is willing to spend on a gift.  This will keep you from going overboard or feeling badly if you only bought your aunt a key chain.