More to Chew On: Northern vs. Southern Thanksgiving

By The Chew Crew Nov 13, 2012

Southerners and northerners have different views of Thanksgiving.  A recent survey by Impulse Research looked at how Thanksgiving food differs by region.
Some call it stuffing while others call it dressing.  Check out some of the top differences between the two.

Nothern families tend to have the turkey as their only meat at the table.  While southern families cook up at least two different types of meat like fried turkey and baked ham.

In the north stuffing is usually cooked inside of the bird and in the south stuffing is usually cooked in its own dish and served on the side.
In the north both pumpkin and apple pies are usually a big hit while in the south most prefer pecan pie or cobbler.
Wherever you live one thing is for sure – homemade biscuits are always a hit!  According to new research, the aroma of freshly-baked bread has more than just the power to make your mouth water, apparently it can also make you a kinder person.  The findings, published in the Journal of Social Psychology, suggest that certain smells can trigger a more positive mood which leads to a greater degree of kindness toward strangers. The smell of fresh baked break topped the list.  So, the bottom line is be a good person and make some biscuits.