More to Chew On: Black Friday

By The Chew Crew Nov 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is tomorrow but millions of Americans are prematurely decorating.  According to a survey from SOASTA 75% of Americans say no to Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving and, 78% of Americans don’t want to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!
While your thinking in shopping mode get ready for Black Friday.  The average shopper will spend $750 on gifts on Friday.  According to recent numbers from Accenture, 53% of Americans plan to shop on Black Friday.  If you’re planning on going out and braving the shopping madness there are a number of things you shouldn’t buy.  Toys aren't always a great deal.  Discounts on toys during Black Friday average 57%.  If you hold out till the week of December 9th, discounts will reach up to 65%.  Digital cameras aren’t a great bet either.  There’s no shortage of camera deals on Black Friday, but keep in mind that new models are released in February. Wait till then and the price of the old models will plummet.  Finally, stay away from jewelry.  A strict “do not buy” during the holiday season. Similarly to Valentine’s Day deals, when the demand for jewelry rises “promotions” start popping up. Experts recommend waiting till Spring for your bling.