More to Chew On: Our Thanksgiving Checklist

By The Chew Crew Nov 08, 2012

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away and its time to get started preparing! Here is the new and Chew-approved checklist to help you plan Thanksgiving smoothly. 

Cook Foods That Freeze
Get these dishes out of the way now, so they’ll be ready to reheat later. Includes pie dough and turkey stock.

Free Up Your Freezer
Make some room in your freezer by clearing out the junk that’s been in there for years.

Do a Deep Cleaning
Give the house a once-over, and don’t forget the pesky odds and ends, like ironing table cloth and polishing the silver.

Prepare for Guests
Clean the bedrooms only if you’re having guests. Otherwise, shut the doors and keep your dinner guests downstairs when the big day comes.