Ultimate Cookout Menu

By ABC Jun 15, 2012

This Father’s Day show your dad that you really care.  Forget the brunch and the fancy chocolates. Instead, host a cookout.  Who knows, your dad might even let you take over the grill.

The Main Event

What goes on the grill will shape the entire meal.  Instead of sautéing up veggies pick a meatier option like spicy chicken wings, pork chops or, if you really want to show dad you care, a brat burger.  These hearty entrees are tastebud pleasing stomach fillers.

The Sides

This meal isn't all about the main course, it's also about the sides.  All those dishes that accompany the main are just as important.  Don't stress, just try some simple dishes like potato salad, shrimp salad and grilled corn.

The Drinks

Wash the whole thing down with a tasty and strong drink - just the way dad likes it.  If you can't make his favorite martini just try one of these simple alernatives - a New Orleans Hurricane, a Sazerac, or a Gin Fizz.