4th of July Menu

By ABC Jul 02, 2012

July fourth is just around the corner, so round up your friends, fire up the grill and enjoy some All-American eats.


Before you get started preparing the food, cool off with a refreshing cocktail.  If you want something fancy give one of these a try and one of these, but if you want something a little more straightforward try Michael’s Moscow Mule or Clinton Jamaican Rum Punch.  They take just seconds to make and you’ll want to sip them all day long.

Main Course

There’s no better time of year than the fourth to fire up the grill and make some classic summertime food.  Standard hamburgers and hot dogs are a mainstay at most parties, but if you’re playing host try something different like Michael’s Brat Burger or St. Louis Burger.  These gourmet sandwiches will please even the pickiest of eaters and keep you feeling great even after your second glass of punch.

Not everyone wants a burger so it’s generally a good idea to have a couple alternatives on hand, especially at a large party.  This coffee bbq chicken and this shrimp skewer are both simple and delicious.  So, you can spend your time enjoying the party and not worrying about the main course.

Side Dish

At a cookout the side dishes are almost as important as the main course.  Not to worry, it’s summer, and during the summer you can make seasonal dishes with little effort that will please everyone.  Daphne’s Summer Succotash and Michael’s Grilled Corn are two delectable options.  Finish it off with a batch of homemade Shoestring Fries.


It’s summer, so you probably don’t want to turn your oven on for too long.  Instead try one of Carla’s recipes.  Her Grilled Peaches and Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches all taste like summer but they don’t overheat your kitchen.