Host Oscar Menus

By The Chew Crew Feb 22, 2013

Looking for some inspiration for your Oscar dinner menu? Find out what The Chew co-hosts are planning to serve at their parties this Sunday.

Michael is leaning towards a dish with a kick, and is preparing a spicy pork loin; Daphne is baking savory brie bites in warm, flaky puff pastry; Clinton will serve champagne and caviar for a classic and elegant evening; Carla is preparing coq au vin for her and Matthew to enjoy on the couch as they watch the awards ceremony; and Mario likes to base his dishes around his favorite movies, such as chicken with chocolate and rose petals, as inspired by Like Water For Chocolate.

Here are some ideas to replicate these dishes as home:

Michael’s Grilled Pork

Daphne’s Brie Bites

Clinton’s Bellinis

Carla’s Chicken with Mushroom Duxelles

Mario’s Chicken with Chocolate and Rose Petals