Dazzling Awards Night Hors d'Oeuvres

By Ellie Sher Feb 21, 2013

Forget the red carpet and lose the runway attire. Host an award-winning soiree and outfit your glamorous Oscar-viewing affair with these festive hors d’oeuvres. 

Turkey Meatball Shots

Think beyond the classic tooth-pick appetizers and serve these hearty mouthfuls in individual shot glasses with savory tomato sauce and a dusting of Parmesan cheese.

Click here for the recipe. 

Roasted Dates with Pancetta, Almonds, and Chile

Didn’t bring a "date"? Get your fix with this refined spread. Coat your crostini with a generous layer of blue cheese, and top with this decadent dip loaded with salty pancetta and crispy almonds.

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Mac and Cheese Bites

Who says mac and cheese is reserved for the kids’ table? Fried bite-size portions of this cheesy classic are addictive and impossible to resist.  

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Vegetable Caponata on Sweet Potato Crisps

Makeover your traditional movie theater snacks with seasonal sweet potato cakes topped with this elegant Italian vegetable salad.

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Spanish Shrimp Romesco

Dress up a suspected finger food spread with these luscious colossal shrimp, paired with a nutty Spanish red sauce.

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Beef Teriyaki Kabobs

Meat aficionados will enjoy sinking their teeth into these no-fuss kabobs. Simply thread chunks of flat-iron steak and fresh zucchini onto grilling skewers, and serve alongside a soy-ginger dipping sauce.

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