The Neighbors Valentine's Day Menu

By Ellie Sher Feb 13, 2013

Since Zabvronian aliens get their nutrients from reading, this literature inspired Valentine's Day Menu will transport your sweetheart right out of this world. 


Inspired by Twilight

Vampire Punch: Sip on this cherry vodka fizz from dinner until dawn. Made with cherry liqueur, fresh cherries, and grenadine, this concoction will satisfy any blood-thirsty vampire.

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Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

White Soup: If white soup is suitable for Jane Austen’s Netherfield Ball, then it will shine as the first course on your Valentine’s table. Silky lemon broth and creamy flecks of rice combine to form this comforting, yet delicate appetizer.

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Inspired by The Time Traveler’s Wife

Kale Salad with Shaved Beets, Feta, and Toasted Almonds: Ideal for an impromptu picnic, this refreshing winter salad can be prepared hours in advance so you’re ready to go when swept off your feet. The flavors of earthy beets, creamy Feta, and crunchy almonds are a combination that will stand the test of time.

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Main Courses:

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Wine-Stained Gemelli with Sausage Meatballs and Cauliflower: Sausage, cauliflower, and pecorino are all descendants of 15th and 16th century Italian fare. Gemelli, a tubular shaped pasta, holds this savory sauce, and does not overpower the surrounding sweet Italian sausage and crispy vegetables.

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Inspired by Love Story

Surf and Turf: Never before was the age-old saying that opposites attract more true than when it comes to surf and turf. Though it may seem that strip steak joins us from land, and shrimp from the sea, these two separate worlds meld together seamlessly.

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Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Brussels Sprouts with Dried Figs and Pancetta: If your partner is anything like Christian Grey and insists on your eating healthy, nourishing meals, vegetables are never off the table, even if they are tossed with crisp pancetta. This winter side combines shaved Brussels sprouts, salty pancetta, and dried figs, which are believed to be an aphrodisiac. Each bite of this sensual dish will make your passionate night one to remember.

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Inspired by A Brief History of Time

German Chocolate Cake: If E = mc2 isn’t romantic to you, well, then you’re probably not a Zabvronian. Similar to a mathematical equation, baking requires a precise, meticulous eye. Honor the German genius who discovered this renowned equation with this German Chocolate Soufflé of dense, dark chocolate cake, filled with layers of coconut-pecan custard.

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For more ideas to celebrate Zabvronian Valentine's Day, turn to ABC's The Neighbors.