Your Hanukkah Party Menu

By ABC Dec 19, 2011

It’s Chanukah and that means it’s the perfect time to host a holiday feast.  With beautiful pictures of ham and Christmas cookies everywhere, it’s hard to find inspiration for your meal.  Not to worry, The Chew’s got it all right here – soup to nuts.

Start Your Meal Off Right

Start your meal with this warming variation on the classic chicken noodle soup.  Instead of noodles, Daphne added fresh dumplings.  It's got the warm goodness of the classic soup paired with a touch of southern flavor.

Daphne's Dumpling Soup

The Main Event

Not only is brisket a delicious cut of meat, it’s also a traditional Jewish dish.  Do yourself a favor and give Michael’s version a try.  He pairs it with a fresh carrot salad that adds an excellent flavor and texture to the dish.

Pot Roast with Carrot Salad

Everyone's Favorite Side

It goes without saying that the star of the Chanukah meal is potato latkes.  Though the traditional ones are delicious, sometimes it's nice to give something new and different a try, like Daphne’s sweet potato version.

Daphne’s Sweet Potato Pancakes

Not only are sweet potatoes good for you, and one of Daphne’s go-to foods, they also fry up quite beautifully.  Top your latkes with some sour cream and chives or applesauce and your're ready to dig in.

If sweet potatoes aren’t your thing or you want latkes that are bit more traditional Michael Symon’s got just the recipe.

The Finishing Touch

Chanukah desserts are usually overlooked.  With so many delicious Christmas cookies about (like these and these), the apple desserts are often ignored.  

Treat yourself and your family to this tasty bread pudding recipe.  It’s just the dish to finish off our meal.

Apple Pecan Bread Pudding

Send your guests off with pockets full of Jewish guilt, I mean gelt, and you’re good to go.