Fall Fashions!

By ABC Sep 07, 2012

As fall approaches, the weather is colder, but the fashions are hot and Clinton’s going to show you the latest fall trends!

Winter White

Try a body-hugging dress with ruching along the side.  The dress should be a knit but it should also have some spandex in it.  Then add a simple white trench.  It’s a timeless wardrobe staple, but it provides some structure to your outfit.  


These are at the top of the fall trends lists.  Go grab some gold, sliver and bronze!

Clinton suggests using one metallic shine item and pairing it with a neutral solid.  Then wear neutral shoes and accessories.

Printed Pants

The printed pant is here to stay.  When picking one out try one with slim and sleek silhouette.  Pair it with a neutral, classic black button down and add a pop of neon at the waist.