The Freezer, Defrosted

By The Chew Crew Oct 02, 2012

It’s great to fill up your freezer with lots of homemade goodies, but for the safest freezing practices here are a few helpful hints to help you freeze properly!
Suspicious Package
To avoid the suspicious package situation label and date everything in the freezer.  This way your freezer will no longer be a place where foods go to die.  Just keep a sharpie handy and near the freezer so you don’t forget.
Fruits and Veggies in the Freezer?
If you want to freeze your fruits and veggies here are a few tips.  First blanch your vegetables before you freeze them, it will help them keep their crispiness and add nice color.  It’s the way frozen veggie companies do it.  Also be sure to wash your fruit and let it dry before freezing it. Often times you wont remember to wash it once its been frozen. If it is pre-washed you can take it straight from the freezer and throw it in a smoothie or pie.

Frozen Cookie Dough
It’s tempting to buy the premade cookie dough but instead try making your own.  To do it just spoon the cookie dough into individual portions onto a cookie sheet, just like you were baking them.  Then, freeze them.  Once they’re frozen, put them in a zip top bag and they’re ready to go when you need them.  Or you can roll the cookie dough into a log shape, like the store bought dough.  Put this into a zip top bag and freeze.
Some Things Don’t Freeze, Some Things Do
There are several items that freeze well like meat, poultry, fish, breads and baked goods but other things like cheese, raw potatoes, green onions and tomatoes won’t hold up.
How to Freeze Fast
Fast freezing is when you lay sauce or any other freezable food out in a single layer, on a cookie sheet.   Most fruits and vegetables will freeze in about an hour.  You can also fast freeze spaghetti sauce – just let the sauce cool, put it into zip top bags, and lay it flat.  This is a great way to save space in your freezer.