Spring Planting Tips

By The Chew Crew Mar 20, 2013

Look forward to fresh produce this Spring with Michael’s expert gardening tips. Before you get your hands in the dirt, though, plan ahead and analyze your growing space.

How to Plot Your Garden:

1. Take measurements of your yard to figure out how large your garden will be.

2. Figure out where the sun shines on your yard. Taller plants will be planted in the back of the garden, while shorter plants in the front for maximum sun.

3. Find out where water drains in your garden. Drainage is key for some plants like tomatoes, and a little extra water will do wonders for herbs.

4. When planting from seeds, the first day of Spring is a great time to start!

How to Plant Seed Trays:

1. Start seeds like herbs and tomatoes indoors.

2. Use your compost to enrich the soil of the trays.

3. Space your seeds about ½-inch to 1-inch apart.

How to Decide What to Plant: 

1. Michael says, “Things that grow together, go together.” Tomatoes and basil are a great example!

2. Germination flats are great tools when planting from seed, they come with a warming pad to help regulate the temperature of the seeds.

3. Loosen the soil, and follow the directions on the package!

4. Don’t be afraid to plant 6 to 10 seeds at a time.

5. Don’t be afraid to plant plants close together.

6. Water liberally while in the germination trays, once the plants are transferred to the garden water them sparingly.