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Say Cheese! 12 Chew Moments We’ll Never Forget

By The Chew Crew | Jul 30th, 2013

Mario, Michael, Daphne, Carla and Clinton have no problem smiling for the camera.  Check it out.

12.  Mario Takes On a Cheese Grater

11.  Carla Gets Physical

10.  Daphne Wears Lunch

9.  Mario Takes a Water Break

8.  … And Then Pounds Some Meat

7.  Carla Gets Down With an Overgrown Elf

6.  Clinton Hangs with a Patriotic Bull

5.  Michael Moisturizes His Head (or something)

4.  And Gets Really Excited About Lunch

3.  Daphne's Fashion Statement: Football Shirt and Heels

2.  Denise Said Something VERY Funny

1.  Mario and Michael Dress Like Their Film Idols – Garth and Wayne