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5 Back to School Sandwich Stand-Outs

By Ellie Sher | Aug 20th, 2013

Stock up on brown bags because school lunch making is back in session. Ham and cheese? Forget it. PB&J? So last year. Fuel your little ones with these 5 co-host inspired sandwiches – all guaranteed to earn a perfect score.

1. Daphne’s Brown Bag: Lightened-Up BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Only a lightened-up pick like this better-for-you chicken sandwich would do for a health-focused cook. Coat store-bought rotisserie chicken with a zippy homemade sauce and top with a tangy Greek yogurt coleslaw for a healthy lunchroom specialty.
Watch how it's made, above!

Got a late start this morning? Send your little one to school with a refreshing thermos smoothie. We promise they won’t even detect the spinach in this cherry-banana delight.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Super Secret Green Smoothie

2. Mario’s Brown Bag: Leftover Pasta Sandwich

Oh, spaghetti, how does Mario love thee? Let him count the ways. Topped with meatballs or tossed with garlic, this versatile pasta is a regular at Mario’s house and as are the leftovers. Serve up cold noodles on a seeded Italian roll for a new take on an Italian combo.  

Leftover Pasta Sandwich

3. Carla’s Brown Bag: Sweet Chicken Minis and Sandwich Cookies

Worried your little ones will miss mom midday? Do as Carla would, and pack a lunch that will hug them all afternoon. Not only do these adorable chicken sandwiches fit the bill, but their petite size makes them ideal for lunchroom trading. Pack with a tasty treat like these decadent peanut butter s’more sandwiches. Opt for marshmallow cream rather than the peanut butter combo if you’re concerned about nut allergies.

Sweet Chicken Minis
Peanut Butter S’more Sandwiches

4. Clinton’s Brown Bag: Buffalo Chicken Sammies with Blackberry-Lime Iced Tea

A fashionable first day look is almost as important to Clinton as a well-planned lunch box. These buffalo chicken sammies feature a spicy breaded cutlet that’s drizzled with creamy blue cheese dressing. Pack some freshly brewed iced tea to quench their thirst, and sweeten with blackberry-lime syrup. Bonus: Use any leftover syrup for mom’s after dinner cocktail.

Buffalo Chicken Sammies
Blackberry Lime Syrup

5. Michael’s Brown Bag: Cleveland Bratwurst Sandwich

What does a meat lover serve for lunch? Try a hearty sausage sandwich topped with the works. Think: doughy pretzel roll stuffed with juicy bratwurst links, mustard, and sauerkraut. And, as a nod to his hometown, this mouth-watering sandwich isn’t afraid to show a little school spirit.

Cleveland Bratwurst

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