A Scandal Viewing Party Menu

By Ellie Sher May 16, 2013

Fuel your inner Gladiator with this Scandal-inspired spread and a bottle of red wine. Tune in for the Scandal finale at 10pm on Thursday, May 16 on ABC, and consider dinner handled!

“Spies Like Us” Tomato Soup
In the midst of a crisis, grilled cheese is the comfort food of choice for journalist, Gideon, and NSA employee, Artie. Cut these cheesy sandwiches into bite size pieces, and use as croutons in tomato soup to resemble the white hats worn by Olivia Pope and Associates. 

Click here for the recipe.

“For the People” Kale Salad
Only the king of leafy greens would suffice for the leader of the free world. For a refreshing combination, think: chopped black kale mixed with toasted pine nuts, a dusting of pecorino cheese, and sweet currants. Sprinkle with fresh herbs from Cyrus’s garden, if hosting the couple for dinner in the residence.

Click here for the recipe. 

“Hunting Season” Duck Breast
David Rosen’s Chinese take-out doesn’t hold a candle to this succulent duck breast with crispy skin. Like Fitz and Mellie’s relationship, this tender dish is drizzled with a hefty dose of sweet and sour sauce. Sweet strawberries and spicy chili flakes liven up the two-sided sauce, so watch out, Fitz, for any other double-edge swords.

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 “Dirty Little Secrets” Orecchiette
Who needs DC’s fanciest restaurants when this luscious pasta will do the trick? As homage to Harrison’s dating style, treat your guests to a luxe dish, such as this elegant pasta in subtle sauce of garlic, chili flakes, and anchovies. Italian for “small ear,” orecchiette is the perfect pick because even a ‘secure line in the oval’ can’t guarantee small ears won’t be listening in.

Click here for the recipe. 

“Sweet Baby” Brownie Sundae
Whether mending a broken heart or fixing a broken gut, sweets tend to heal all wounds.  As a nod to Olivia’s popcorn addiction, dress up traditional brownie sundaes with a handful of salted caramel kernels. For an extra dose of Liv’s favorite, send dinner guests home with individual bags of popcorn sprinkled with parmesan and rosemary.

Click here for the recipes for the sundaes and the popcorn

For more, turn ABC's Scandal and don't miss the season finale on May 16 at 10pm.