The Basics of Family Meals

By The Chew Crew Mar 19, 2013

In a restaurant, a family meal is what the staff eats.  Sometimes, this can be a tasty new recipe that the chef is testing out, but more often it’s a place for the restaurant to use up ingredients and offer new life to an older dish.  Whether you’re making a family meal for the staff at a restaurant or a family meal at home it’s important to remember a couple of things.  If you keep the following in mind you’re leftover dishes are sure to please even the pickiest family members.

Giving an Old Dish New Life

Everyone has been there – you made too much of one dish.  After a couple days of eating the same thing you just can’t face another bite.  This is why restaurants often make a new dish with leftovers - just like how Michael made a meat pie with the leftover protein from Mario’s Osso Buco.  Casseroles, pasta and rice dishes are always a good place to reinvent tired leftovers.

Using Up an Ingredient

So, you bought three heads of cauliflower and it turns out you only needed two for the soup you were making.  Whether it’s cauliflower or some other ingredient you can’t seem to use up, this is where family meal principles come into play.  If you have leftover veggies try either roasting them with olive oil and salt and pepper or sautéing them.  They make great side for dinner.