Chewniversity: Kitchen Basics

01:21 The Chew Laws of Lemon Clinton’s got the tips for effective juicing and storing. Clip
01:10 The Chew Brining 101 Protect your lean cuts of meat with a simple solution: brining. Clip
01:23 The Chew Saving Bacon Fat Reserved bacon fat can be saved and used for weeks in all your foods. Clip
00:59 The Chew Asparagus 101 Mario gives you the 411 on this delicious addition to your dinner table! Clip
01:22 The Chew Defrosting 101 Bring your favorite frozen foods back to life the SAFE way. Clip
01:27 The Chew Know Your Beef Michael gives you the breakdown of slow cook vs. quick cook beef cuts. Clip
01:02 The Chew Easy Freezer Portions Save a whole lot of time and energy by prepping your portions ahead of time Clip
01:21 The Chew How to Segment Citrus Michael shows you a fool-proof way to segment an orange every time. Clip
00:55 The Chew Quick Potato Peel Michael shows you how to peel a ton of potatoes quickly and efficiently. Clip
00:59 The Chew Easy Egg Scrambler Clinton shows you a new use for your cocktail shaker…an egg scrambler! Clip
00:56 The Chew Instant Milk Froth If you like fancy coffee but hate the price tag, Michael’s got what you need Clip
01:47 The Chew Cured Meat 101 Mario’s gives you the 411 on Italian cured meats. Clip
00:53 The Chew Make Cleanup Fun Get your kids excited about doing their chores. Clip
00:57 The Chew How to Roast Garlic Add a depth of flavor to all of your dishes with this super simple tip! Clip
00:57 The Chew How to Infuse Olive Oil Add extra flavor to your next meal by using infused oils you can make yours Clip
00:55 The Chew How to Make Gremolata Follow Mario’s tips for an easy, flavor-packed garnish to spice up your din Clip
01:10 The Chew Avocados 101 Don’t miss out on Clinton’s tips to pick out the perfect fruit. Clip
01:14 The Chew Kitchen Storage Tricks Follow Daphne’s quick storage tips to keep your kitchen clean & organized. Clip
01:12 The Chew Flowers 101 Nothing adds elegance and beauty to a table quite like a floral centerpiece Clip
01:22 The Chew How to Truss a Chicken Master this essential skill and you’ll never go wrong with your poultry. Clip
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