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Season 1

The Goldbergs episode guide

Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up, and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year old Adam these were his wonder years and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are a loving family like any other, just with a lot more yelling.
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Ep 111 Kara-Te

Barry decides to sign up for the school’s holiday talent show but is bummed when the school doesn’t approve karate as a talent. Beverly is livid and brow beats the teacher in charge to change his mind.

12/10/13 Season 1 PG

Ep 108 The Kremps

The Goldbergs meet their new neighbors, the Kremps, an all-American family, very well put together and seemingly perfect.

11/12/13 Season 1 PG D, L

Ep 105 The Ring

While cleaning out the garage, Adam, Erica, and Barry come across a box of letters written by Murray to a woman named Anita.

10/22/13 Season 1 PG D, L