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Two-time Emmy-winner Patricia Heaton stars in this warm and witty single-camera comedy about raising a family and lowering your expectations. Middle-aged, middle class and living in the middle of the country in Orson, Indiana, Frankie Heck is a harried wife and mother of three who uses her wry wit and sense of humor to get her family through each day intact. Frankie works as a dental assistant, and her unflappable husband, Mike (Neil Flynn), is manager at the local quarry and her sardonic partner in the daily grind that is raising their average – yes, most definitely average – family.

This year, the kids will find themselves breaking out of their comfort zones and navigating new situations than what they're used to – which may or may not be very comforting to Frankie and Mike.

Between juggling shifts and picking up fast-food dinners eaten in front of the TV, Frankie and Mike raise their kids with love, humor and solid Midwestern practicality. Axl (Charlie McDermott), the oldest, is a jock slacker who is beginning his senior year of college via a sports scholarship. He lives near campus in a Winnebago with his friend and teammate, Hutch, and silent gamer Kenny. Over the summer, Axl found the love of his life in April, a local Orson girl, and he's so smitten with her that he's planning on bringing her over to meet the parents. Then there's the ever-optimistic Sue (Eden Sher), their extraordinarily ordinary daughter, who fails at just about everything she tries with great gusto. She is still living in a dilapidated dorm room with roommate Lexie and starting her second year of college at the same campus that Axl attends. And she's still dating Jeremy, the campus activist. But over the summer, Sue got bit by the acting bug while working at Dollywood, so she's determined to be the next big star and is changing her major to theater. And finally there's Brick (Atticus Shaffer), their quirky son, now entering high school. He continues to date the equally quirky Cindy, read constantly, whisper and "whoop" to himself, as well as unapologetically march to the beat of his own drummer. But with a new school comes the chance for a fresh start and not be considered one of the weird kids. So Brick is going to make it his mission to try and fit in with his peers – a not so simple feat.

With Axl and Sue out of the house, Frankie and Mike continue to find themselves with an emptier nest, which lets them continue to cut back on the parental duties – a hope that is still easier said than done – as parenting is never over no matter where your kids are. Balancing kids and work never really gets easier – it just gets different.

Their hilarious struggles continue, but through all the madness shines a loving family, and together the Hecks continue putting THE MIDDLE on the map.

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