S3 E20 The Guidance Counselor

05/01/12 | TV-PG | CC

Sue is beyond disappointed when she learns the Wrestlerettes aren't going to be pictured in the school yearbook. The thing has already gone to press. It's a total bummer since she never even had her individual picture taken. She's told to go see the guidance counselor, Jane Marsh (guest star Whoopi Goldberg), who is thrilled to see a student who actually wants to meet with her.

Jane is Sue's kindred spirit. They share a mutual love for inspirational posters and both had an overbite cross-bite that led to braces. The guidance counselor inspires to Sue to take control of her tomorrows. That's why she changes her name to something that better defines her. Sue is now known as "Suki." Unfortunately, this leads her teachers to believe she's a new foreign exchange student. Others think she has a contagious disease. Students are advised to wash their hands so they don't catch Suki.

Sue/Suki pays another visit to Miss Marsh, who vows to help her get that yearbook picture she so desperately desires. They march down to the teachers' lounge to demand satisfaction. They don't get it. Actually, they don't get it until Miss Marsh insists that others give her the respect she deserves. Oh, and she also gets them to put Sue's picture in the yearbook. Unfortunately, it's in the "In Memoriam" section. That's only page they'd saved after the thing had gone to press.


Frankie wants a new bed. She longs to turn their bedroom into a sanctuary. This leads to some strife with Mike, who doesn't take kindly to change even though people in crack houses are living on nicer mattresses than theirs. He also doesn't like the way his wife shares personal into with others. Eventually, Mike agrees to buy a new bed. He'll assemble it himself. Well, he'll "try" to assemble it.

Mike refuses to call the handy 800-number where friendly representatives are standing by to assist him. So, Frankie does it for him. Once the bed is together, they both realize the headboard doesn't allow for maximum comfort. This leads to a big brouhaha where Mike likens his wife to her mother. Moments later, World War III erupts right there in Orson. Frankie and Mike eventually make nice after switching beds with Axl.

Brick is looking for ways to get out of the humiliation of the annual Presidential Fitness Challenge at school. He makes a call to the White House, but gets transferred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Axl's attempt to teach his little brother how to do a pull-up doesn't go well. All signs indicate that Brick is going to, once again, be embarrassed during exercise. But he ends up getting some intentional laughs from the gym class once they see he's not taking things all that seriously. Way to go Brick!

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