S3 E07 Heck's Best Thing

11/01/11 | TV-PG | CC

A college recruiter is coming to the Heck house. Frankie is jazzed that someone may actually want to help pay for Axl's college. That means she may be able to retire in their early-90s. Of course, the dream will die young if their firstborn son blows the interview.

Frankie and Mike give Axl a quick etiquette lesson on how he should act during the visit. They'd prefer he not speak at all. When the recruiter arrives at the house, Axl sports a really swell sweater. He's also extremely well-spoken as he gives the perfect response to everything the recruiter throws his way. In short, Axl is beyond charming.

The moment the recruiter leaves, Axl reverts back his true self. He ditches the sweater and strips down to his underwear. Frankie wonders why can't be charming for his family. Axl claims it's because no one else ever brings their A-game to the table either. Frankie thinks her boy may have a point. She vows to be "the tiny ember that ignites the fire of change." It's a line she heard on a TV show about a family fat camp.

Sue and Brick are sent to borrow Aunt Edie's fancy chip platter. They also score a big bag of other goodies during their visit. Both Sue and Brick are jazzed to learn that an old, working cell phone is amongst the items. They agree to split time using the phone to call and text all their friends and, of course, the library.

The kids learn they have exceeded Aunt Edie's payment plan limit. She now owes the phone folks quite a few bucks. Actually, Frankie is the one who owes since she's person who pays this particular bill each month. Sue and Brick try to make a payment at the store where they are talked into getting a bunch of other pricey accessories.


Frankie makes a nice home-cooked meal. She tries to engage everyone in some dinner conversation. Axl's bored and Sue and Brick are busy speed-texting under the table. The fingers really start flying once Frankie reveals that Aunt Edie's recent phone bill has her thinking about putting her in a home. But when Frankie realizes Sue and Brick are behind the big phone bills, she makes them Aunt Edie's two new phoneless caregivers.

Frankie tries to engage Mike in some conversation. That doesn't fly either. Frankie is upset that her family didn't even notice that she brought her best tonight. They all pretty much stomped out her ember. She just wanted something more than the routine they're in now. Mike has a thought. They both like bowling, so that's what they'll do Thursday night. It's a date.

When Thursday rolls around, Frankie and Mike are camped out at home. They decide to ditch the bowling idea to stay put on the couch watching TV with the kids. Guess that's about right. After all, that's where they're all at their best.

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