S4 E10 Life Skills

01/09/13 | PG | CC
Story 1:
Sue and Axl are taking a class together for the first time in Life Skills. By chance, Sue and Axl paired together for a project.

Sue trying to get Axl to do some work on their project.
Sue:“I took the ‘rate your assignment partner’ quiz and you are a severe collaboration limitation.”


Story 2:
Brick works with the school therapist, Mr. Felton, to improve his social skills.

Brick asking his parents why they gave consent to Mr. Felton helping Brick.
Frankie: “You’re no weirder than you’ve ever been.  Just suddenly the school seems to care.”  - Frankie

Mr. Felton giving advice to Brick on creating dialog with other students.
Mr. Felton: “You like books, What if you find some fellow book buddies and try to connect with them?”

Brick rationalizing with Mr. Felton
Brick: “If the whole point of this to prepare me to make connections with adults later in my life, aren’t I already ahead of the other kids in that regard?”

Story 3:
A tree branch falls on the family car causing Mike and Frankie to fight with their insurance company on their claim.

Mike explaining the situation to the insurance agent:
Mike: “Look we’re negligent about plenty of stuff.  We vaccinated one kid twice for the same disease and the other one got nothing but on this we’re square.”

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