S4 E14 Valentine's Day IV

02/13/13 | NR | CC
Story One
Sue is asked by her ex-boyfriend to the Valentine’s Day dance.
Memorable Quotes
Sue:  “I’ve got a date to the dance.  I’m not going to be a loser after all.  Oh my god I’m so excited I can barely breathe.”
Frankie: “So what happened?”
Sue:  “Well I just got off the phone with Matt.  Turns out he broke up with Sherri.  I knew it wouldn’t last.  He realized he missed me and loved me and couldn’t live without me and he asked me if he could have the honor to take me to the Valentine’s Day Dance.”
Sue:  Hey listen I know you’re a senior and you guys don’t usually come to the valentine’s day dance.  I really appreciate you coming.  It was really nice of you
Darrin:  The truth is.  I didn’t do it to be nice.
Story Two
Axl and his friends decide to provide a break-up service for guys.
Memorable Quotes
Axl: “What if guys paid us to break up with girls for them….Boss Co. Break up Service”
Axl: “So You are Amanda right?  And you date Conner?  Now this seem abrupt but now that you’re both seniors...going to college.  He feels that it’s natural to start seeing other people.”
Axl:  “We’re not like that anymore.  We want to help now.”
Broken heart girl #1: “Sure you do because if you can get us back together again and make even more money…”
Axl:  “Normally that would be a very sound business practice but I promise you that is not what we’re trying to do.”
Sean:  “We just want to undo all we did and make you guys happy”
Broken Heart Girl #2:  “You want to make me happy?  Let me punch your stupid face.”
Axl:  “Where are the chaperons?”
Story Three
Mike sends a thoughtful text to one of his workers by mistake.
Memorable Quotes
Mike: “That text was…”
Jim:  “The nicest thing that anyone has ever done.   I’ll just say it.  You’re the best boss I’ve ever had Mike”
Mike:  “Alright then, thanks.”
Dave:  “I’m a good guy Mike.  I bust my hump around here”
Mike:  “Good you work hard”
Dave: “Why didn’t I get a sweet heart-felt text from you like Jim did?”
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