S4 E21 From Orson with Love

05/01/13 | PG | CC
Story One:
Axl comes up with a plan to help find homes for Brick's bunnies and kittens
Memorable Quotes:

Axl: Okay, here’s what ya do. Put ‘em in a box, make a sign that says "Free Bunnies" and take ‘em down to the Frugal Hoosier parking lot. Just stand there, look cute, hope they look cuter... and start moving some bunnies.

Story Two:
Frankie tries to help Sue gain a larger presence on Facebook.
Memorable Quotes:
Sue: I know! I'll post it on Facebook. I can call it my Saturday night Suuue-nday. And I'll show it next to these funny socks I'm wearing.
Frankie: Hey, what if we went to a movie? Then you can post that you went to a movie on Saturday night
Sue: Oh, I like that. [typing]"Going to the movies with my mom"
Frankie: Don’t send! Does everyone really need to know everything? What about "Going to the movies with the girls?" We're both girls, right?
Story Three:
Frankie's dad, Tag, asks Mike to have lunch with him on a weekly basis.
Memorable Quotes:

Mike: What was it you wanted to talk to me about?

Tag : You ever read that book Tuesdays with Morrie?

Mike:  No, don't think I have.

Tag: Every Tuesday, this Morrie fella meets with a former student and tellls him his life stories and wisdom and so on before he dies.

Mike:  Oh God...

Tag:  So clear your schedule, Mike, 'cause unlike Morrie... I’m not dyin’. I got loads of time.

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