Larry Bird

Played by Simon Templeman


Larry Bird is the supreme leader of the Zabvronian community on Earth. He and his wife Jackie Joyner-Kersee have two children, and live in the Hidden Hills gated community in New Jersey. Although Larry Bird stubbornly resists adapting to Earth’s strange customs, he’s slowly warming up to the idea with the help of his progressive wife and kids.


Simon Templeman started his career in the theater in England. A long-time member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he played many roles, including Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. He came to America twice with the company, in All's Well That Ends Well and Nicholas Nickleby, both on Broadway. Other notable theater credits include performing at the National Theatre in David Hare's A Secret Rapture.

Templeman's feature film work includes roles in The Russia House and Live Nude Girls. His many television credits include Northern Exposure, Just Shoot Me!, Don King: Only in America, Monk and The Event.

Templeman is married to actress Rosalind Chao and they have two children.