VIDEO: The Top 7 Moments of Season 2 of The Neighbors

  • By Mike Krolak

As we approach the Season 2 Finale -- FRIDAY APRIL 11 8:30|7:30c, in case you were wondering -- we thought we’d take a look back through the season to share some of our favorite moments. Because our supervisor told us the just reposting all the episodes wasn’t an “editorial strategy” we were forced to narrow it down and just give you a few select moments from this seriously underrated comedy.

7. The Pleasure of Being Mugged

From Episode 212, “Fear and Loving in New Jersey”

This show loves examining the little things that humans take for granted, but it's comfortable tackling bigger stuff as well. Because they’ve lived in their insular alien community during their entire stay on Earth, Larry and Jackie don’t even know what crime is. Jackie’s face when she excitedly asks, “What’s ‘mugged’?” is priceless. We’ll start believing that we live in a just world when Toks Olagundoye has like six Emmys. 


6. The Bird-Kersees Go British

From Episode 203, “The Neighbours”

Jackie’s boss notices her accent and assumes she’s found a fellow Brit, so in the interest of getting a promotion and maybe even finding a new friend, she convinces her family to act British for a night. It goes about as well as you’d think.


5. Dick’s Salon for Higher Thought

From Episode 220, “Close Encounters of the Bird Kind”

Dick always gets laughs as a brilliant Zabvronian trapped inside the body of a grade-schooler. His attempt here at finding friends on his intellectual level -- guest stars Joel Stein, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Bill Nye the Science Guy -- shows Dick at his best. Stephen Hawking really missed out.


4. The Neighbors on Shark Tank

From Episode 207, “We Jumped the Shark (Tank)”

When Debbie invents a bag with a wine compartment to bring to the movies, she thinks she’s onto something. Jackie gets them on Shark Tank, Larry agrees to join them because his confidence in pitching the idea seems like an asset, and… that’s pretty much where the good news ends.


3. Jackie’s Favorite Intersection

From Episode 210, “Supreme Like Me”

Perhaps the most amazing thing about The Neighbors is the way the way it takes a relatively screwball comedy concept about extra-terrestrials living on Earth and manages to tug at your heartstrings on a weekly basis. In a season filled with emotional moments, this tender moment between a wistful alien and her alien parents felt very real, very sweet, and very human.


2. Decorating for Challoweenukah

From Episode 205, “Challoweenukah”

Watching the Zabvronians learn about human holidays is always a good time, but this season Larry felt comfortable enough to merge his two favorite holidays (not Flag Day and Ramadan, like Jackie suggested) into a new superholiday: Challoweenukah.


1. The Bollywood Number

From Episode 217, “Balle Balle!”

This obviously had to top the list. Even from a show that delights in non sequiturs and randomness, this still totally blindsided us, in the very best way possible. From Reggie’s practical concerns to Marty and Debbie’s confusion, to Dick’s interlude, this number was ambitious, ridiculous, and funny as heck.



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