Comic-Con 2012 Meets The Neighbors

  • By Jason Leung
Comic-Con 2012 Meets The Neighbors

SAN DIEGO, CA - Are the Zabvronians that strange or is it us Earthlings who are the oddities? At Comic-Con, where every other person is wearing a cape, helmet, furry ears or even furrier shorts, the Zabvronians look relatively normal in their Stepford country club getups.

On the convention floor, terminally peppy Zabvronians invite you into a suburban home with the lure of their sweet, perfect apple pies and matching smiles. Once they get you in their garage, they show you a preview of ABC's The Neighbors before assigning you an Earthling name, which is always based on our planet's finest specimens (Zabvronian for "famous athletes").

I made it out of there with the name of surfing pioneer Duke Kahanamoku and one of my office neighbors was dubbed Jesse Owens.

We also received The Neighbors t-shirts. Maybe we'll wear them when we return to work so our coworkers can unlock the special video clips with the QR code on the back of the shirts. Or maybe "Jesse" and I will start wearing polo shirts and sweater vests. That'd be weird, right?

Jason Leung is the lead producer for comedies at


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