Season 1 Episode 1 The Quest Begins

43:06 07/31/14 Season 1 TV-PG L, V

The story begins in a chaotic world where 12 strangers receive a message telling them that a true hero lies within each of them. Their time is now. They are to be known as Paladins, defenders of a noble cause. They have been beckoned to save a besieged kingdom in the pursuit to become the one true hero.

The Fates who summoned the Paladins let them know that they must enter and save a world known as Everealm. Only the sunspear will turn back the darkness that has been cast by the evil Verlox. There are 12 pieces to this weapon—one of for each Paladin. Claiming them begins The Quest.

Crio the Dreamer leads the Paladins to the Marwood, the most perilous forest in all of Everealm. It is a place where dangerous beasts lurk. One such creature attacks as they journey towards the safety of Castle Sanctum, but safety is not found. The Paladins are taken into custody upon arrival. Plans are made for an escape though some would rather wait for Crio to return. Introductions are made during this time of uncertainty until they are told about the history of The Quest.

After meeting the queen’s chief advisor, Grand Vizier, the Paladins are shown to their living quarters inside the castle as well as the common room. The next morning arrives in a flash. The Paladins gear up. Training begins under the watchful eye of Sir Ansgar, who is tasked with turning them into warriors.

The Paladins are divided into teams as they fire arrows into a field of fake soldiers while under fire. At the end of the exercise, Bonnie is nominated by her winning team as having shown the greatest performance during battle. She is awarded the Mark of Leadership. However, the team that hit the fewest targets must suffer the consequences. One of them must leave Everealm.

The Paladins are brought into the Hall of the Fates. The three members of the last place team, Christian, Patrick and Katie, must fend for themselves in an archery exhibition. Three targets are set up representing each Paladin. The target with the least hits is safe from banishment. The two Paladins represented by the other two targets are to be judged by the rest. At the end of the competition, Christian is allowed to continue on the Quest. The fate of Patrick and Katie must now be decided by their comrades in arms.

Patrick and Katie stand before The Fates. Their fellow Paladins are asked to stand behind the one they believe should continue The Quest. The choice is made. Patrick will fight on. Katie has been banished. She places her piece of the sunspear before the Fates. Then she is gone.

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