Season 1 Episode 2 Tournament for the Queen

42:44 08/07/14 Season 1 TV-PG L, V

Queen Ralia requests an audience with the Paladins. She welcomes this group that has come to help her beleaguered kingdom. The Paladins are relieved to learn that the queen supports them. The proceedings end abruptly when an injured soldier crashes through the front door. Danger is coming to Sanctum. Verlox could break through the front lines at any moment. The Paladins need more training to prepare for such an occurrence.

The Paladins saddle up on horses for a tournament before the queen. Sir Ansgar calls out Leticia for losing her piece of the sunspear before the event. Then it is time for the Paladins to go through the gauntlet. The challenges include archery, spear-throw, jousting and war handle. The three Paladins with the lowest score must face The Fates. Let the games begin!

Jasmine impresses Sir Ansgar to the point where he even cracks a slight smile. The rest of the Paladins perform with varying results. The winner of the very first challenge, Bonnie, has difficulty controlling her horse. She vows to Ansgar and the queen that she will do better. The next Paladin up in the competition, Shondo, ends up with the high score. He is presented with the Mark of Dexterity.

Jim, Ashley and Christian are the three Paladins with the lowest scores. The must face The Fates. A challenge of mounting horseshoes is forthcoming. The three Paladins work hard to complete the challenge in the most efficient and expeditious manner. Jim finishes first. Christian is second followed by Ashley. The two of them face banishment. After much deliberation, Christian receives the most support from his fellow Paladins. He will continue The Quest. As for Ashley, she suffers her fate of banishment.

The queen joins the Paladins as they dine. She speaks of days of Everealm past. The queen’s brother died during the great plague. That was a long time ago. Still, the queen wonders if Verlox would have gained so much power if her brother had been the one on the throne. Sir Ansgar assures her that the prince looks down upon her with pride. When the Grand Vizier arrives, the queen toasts the Paladins. Moments later, she clutches her throat. Something is wrong. The queen collapses. Her drink has been poisoned.

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