Season 1 Episode 3 Save the Queen

42:10 08/14/14 Season 1 TV-PG L, V

Queen Ralia has been poisoned. The Grand Vizier has run out of ideas to save her. The Paladins meet in the common room to work toward finding an antidote. They must make sure the queen’s exact symptoms match the ones on a scroll that could be the key to a cure. The ingredients for the antidote are wolf hair, bat teeth, banshee blood and dragon’s tears. The race is on to save the queen.

The Paladins head back into the forest where ogres and evil horsemen reside. Crio leads the group to the Hag of Purgwal, who is known as the Collector. Legend says that the Hag’s cauldron hasn’t stopped boiling for a thousand years. The Paladins approach her shack. The ingredients they seek are in the woods hidden behinds a series of doors. The Paladin who gathers all the ingredients must mix them together to see if the antidote works.

The Paladins must break through the padlocks and ropes that lock each door. They need to tunnel under another and break through the last. Patrick and Andrew are in a race to see who can reach the dragon’s tears first. It’s very close, but Andrew is the first to claim the final ingredient. Three Paladins failed to make it through many doors at all. They are: Jim, Bonnie and Christian.

The Hag instructs Andrew to mix his ingredients. Success! There is magic in this potion. The Hag screams for the Paladins to run! They make their way back to the castle. Andrew places a drop of the potion onto the queen’s lips. It works! The queen opens her eyes. The Grand Vizier thanks Andrew before abruptly ordering him and the rest of the Paladins out of the chamber.

Bonnie sings a song she wrote called the Ballad of Everealm. Everyone appreciates her heart. Crio gives an update on the queen. She’s still a little weak, but getting better. Crio then presents Andrew with a medal of wisdom. Then it’s time for Jim, Christian and Bonnie to enter the Hall of Fates. They must assemble the ingredients of the potion requiring very precise measurements. The first Paladin to achieve this feat is Bonnie. She will continue The Quest. Her fellow Paladins are overjoyed.

A choice must now be made as to who will be banished—Jim or Christian? The latter faces his third possible exile. The Paladins make their choice. More of them stand behind Christian. He will continue The Quest. Jim has been picked for banishment. Later, the Paladins lend a hand doing tasks around the courtyard. All is calm. Then bells ring. Panic ensues. They are under attack!

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