Whoopi's Favorite Things

By Daniel Billett August 6th, 2014

Whoopi’s Favorite Things|Whoopi demonstrates some of her favorite products.|Whoopi demonstrates some of her favorite products.



GROUT GATOR: Clean your grout 2 to 4 times faster. Fits tiles sizes from 1 to 13 inches and up to 24 inches with the Pro Extended model.
www.groutgator.com $29.95 

GLEENER THE ULTIMATE FUZZ REMOVER: Gleener is all about convenient garment care — so it is actually two products in one! The attached lint brush picks up pesky pet hair in a flash, and can be used to finish any de-pilling job beautifully.
www.gleener.com $19.99 

GOODMOUTH: Toothbrushes onveniently delivered every one, two, or three months. Sonicare and Oral-B electric heads available.
www.goodmouth.com $4.95 + 

EVER BAMBOO DEODORIZERS & DEHUMIDIFIERS: Compared to regular charcoal, bamboo charcoal has 10 times more surface area and is 4 times stronger in its absorption rate. Room Deodorizer: Absorbs odors & moisture, Place in bedrooms, bathrooms, pet areas, and large closets (areas up to 70 sqft). Mini Deodorizer: Absorbs odors & moisture, Place in gym bags, lockers, cabinets, bookcases, compost pails, and diaper pails.
www.everbamboo.com $9.99

BEANTOWN LAUNDRY-FREE BEDDING: Laundry-Free Linens are convenient, comfortable and clean. Made from eco-award winning botanic fibers, they‘re biodegradable and compostable too.
www. beantownbedding.com $11.99-$34.99 

BAMBOOSA: All of Bamboosa's clothing and baby products are made in America. Bamboosa's fabric feels similar to cashmere and absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky, in hot weather. Bamboosa's apparel is thermal regulating, odor resistant, anti-static and will keep you cooler and drier in the heat of summer ... and warmer in cold temperatures. Bamboosa'a fabrics also have natural UV protection. 
www.bamboosa.com $10+ 

VAMPLETS: The world of Vamplets was created by the artist G-Ra whose maternal instinct towards these diapered demons was so powerful that we began to question if she herself was an actual vampire. The verdict is still out on that one. (727) 210-6142 (727) 776-1194 Jay gotblood@vamplets.com www. vamplets.com $18.95-$24.95


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