The View A Day of Comedy

By Ann B. Clark Mar 25, 2014

For The View's A Day of Comedy, the ladies asked their favorite comics to perform stand-up. From George Wallace's old-school humor to Tammy Pescatelli's modern take on marriage and parenting, these comedians delivered big laughs.

Whoopi's favorite comedian George Wallace gives his take on New York City, women who wear animal print clothing, and people who see ghosts.


Jenny's favorite comedian Tammy Pescatelli talks about being obsessed with neatness, growing up in an Italian family, and having an overly optimistic husband.


Sherri's favorite comedian Carlos Oscar tells us that women need to tell men when they're angry, how guys just keep getting dumber with age, and why men are bad drivers.


Judy's favorite comedian Karen Bergreen talks about her two sons, her rude mother-in-law, and dealing with other moms who brag too much about their kids.