Bryan Cranston: Part 1

Bryan Cranston talks about life after "Breaking Bad."

Interviews: Actors

04:52 The View Guest: Viola Davis Viola Davis discusses her new role on ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder." Clip
05:00 The View Guest: Judd Hirsch Judd Hirsch from ABC's new series "Forever" talks about his new role. Clip
04:53 The View Clive Owen Clive Owen is a turn of the century doctor in the mini series "The Knick." Clip
05:06 The View Annette Bening Annette Bening performs "King Lear" in Central Park. Clip
04:17 The View Amy Brenneman Amy Brenneman chats about her compelling role on HBO's "The Leftovers." Clip
05:03 The View Eric Stonestreet Eric Stonestreet chats about the historic wedding on "Modern Family." Clip
04:59 The View Kate Hudson Kate Hudson relates to her character in her new movie, "Wish I Was Here." Clip
04:04 The View Laverne Cox Emmy nominee Laverne Cox from the hit series "Orange is the New Black." Clip
05:14 The View Poppy Montgomery Poppy Montgomery discusses her role on the CBS drama "Unforgettable." Clip
05:09 The View Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke discusses his new movie "Boyhood." Clip
04:35 The View Patrick Adams Patrick Adams chats about his role on USA Network's "Suits." Clip
04:45 The View Keira Knightly Keira Knightly chats about her role in her new movie "Begin Again." Clip
05:10 The View Eric Dane Eric Dane chats about his new post-apocalyptic drama series. Clip
04:35 The View Eric McCormack Eric McCormack talks about his role on "Perception." Clip
04:29 The View James McAvoy James McAvoy talks about his role in "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Clip
04:55 The View Don Johnson Don Johnson talks about his role in "Cold in July." Clip
04:48 The View Jaime Pressly Jaime Pressly and her new role in "Jennifer Falls." Clip
04:43 The View Tyne Daly Tony award nominee Tyne Daly from the Broadway play "Mothers and Sons." Clip
04:54 The View Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning on her new movie, "Night Moves." Clip
04:09 The View Martin Short Martin Short talks about his friendship with Barbara. Clip
04:25 The View Debra Messing Debra Messing talks about her flourishing career both past and present. Clip
04:45 The View Atticus Shaffer Atticus Shaffer from ABC's "The Middle" talks about the show & turning 16. Clip
04:59 The View Sarah Hyland The adorable Sarah Hyland from ABC's "Modern Family."" Clip