Tim Gunn - 2

Tim Gunn makes over Jenny's dad to get him ready for the dating scene.

Interviews: Celebrities

05:08 The View Guest: Gloria Estefan The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration closes with singer Gloria Estefan. Clip
04:32 The View Guest: Meghan McCain Meghan McCain talks about turning 30 and her show "Take Part Live." Clip
04:38 The View Guest: T.I. Rapper T.I. talks about his new album "Paperwork." Clip
05:08 The View Guest: Wendy Williams Wendy Williams talks about literally eating crow and her vegas show. Clip
04:15 The View Guest: Rory Kennedy Rory Kennedy talks about her new film "Last Days in Vietnam." Clip
03:45 The View Guest: Michael Strahan Michael Strahan ("Live with Kelly and Michael") talks about his new job. Clip
05:04 The View Guest: Tory Johnson Tory Johnson talks about her weight loss and new book "The Shift." Clip
05:07 The View Guest: Lara Spencer Lara Spencer shows the ladies some great flea market finds. Clip