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  • Mother's Day
    Season 1 | Episode 122 | Aired 05/13/2014
    Kate is overjoyed when Diane and Jackie offer to let her have the kids on her first Mother's Day, however, when Kate discovers their hidden agenda -- she is determined to get revenge. Full Episode Details »
  • Back to School
    Season 1 | Episode 121 | Aired 05/06/2014
    Kate begrudgingly agrees to accompany Jackie to her high school reunion, not fully realizing all that it entails. Full Episode Details »
  • There's No Guy in Team
    Season 1 | Episode 120 | Aired 04/29/2014
    Kate tries to help Warren improve his social life, but her efforts backfire. Full Episode Details »
  • The Minutes
    Season 1 | Episode 119 | Aired 04/08/2014
    The Kate-Diane power balance flips after Kate publically saves Diane’s life. But when a now over-confident Kate gets in trouble at the PTA meeting, she needs Diane to help get her out of it. Full Episode Details »
  • Couples Therapy
    Season 1 | Episode 118 | Aired 04/01/2014
    In order to get some time to themselves, Pete and Kate lie to Jackie and Diane about being in couples’ therapy. The exes catch on to their trick and confront Pete for lying in order to avoid conflict. Kate rises to his defense—that Pete has changed in his relationship with her—but when Diane tells her that he switched Kate’s awful chili out for his own special recipe for Warren’s Pioneer Day, Kate gets upset. Meanwhile, when Meg stays over to avoid Tevin, Hillary studies Meg for a psychology project on arrested adolescence. Full Episode Details »
  • The Wedding - Part Two
    Season 1 | Episode 117 | Aired 03/18/2014
    Kate persists in planning her dream wedding despite the added chaos from the arrival of her mother Cricket (guest star Megan Mullally) and Pete’s parents. However, things come to a screeching halt when the family gets some bad news. Full Episode Details »

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