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Season 1
The Breakup
The Breakup
Season 1 | Episode 104 | Aired 10/15/2013

When Meg needs Kate's help getting through a breakup, Kate finds herself torn between her obligations as a friend and her responsibilities as a wife and step-mom. Kate struggles to be a good friend to Meg, but when Meg's breakup drama gets to be too much, it leads to a falling out between them. Meanwhile, Warren figures out where his true talents lie when Jackie enlists his help with Bert's Lego project.


Story 1: Kate Helps Meg Through a Breakup

Meg: "I just can't believe it's over with Tevin. We've been through so much together."
Pete: "It's been two weeks, right?"
Meg: "Yeah. But I could've seen myself with him for like, almost three months."
Pete: "That's when you know it's real."

Pete: "Maybe you guys should go out so we don't disturb your drinking with our studying."
Meg: "Good idea, three-Pete."
Warren: "Ah! Because you've been married three times!"
Pete: "Yeah, I know why she said it, Warren."

Pete: "Were you by any chance swimming topless in the pool?"
Kate: "No! Oh. I bet it was Meg."
Pete: "Ya think? Do you remember when it was just you, me, my three kids, and my two ex-wives? Don't you want to go back to that simpler time?"


Story 2: Bert's New Lego Set Distracts Warren from Studying

Diane: "Warren, I brought you a lot more study guides for your PPSATs."
: "Oh, fun."
: "And how are the vocabulary flash cards coming?"
: "Awesome! Or should I say, abominably!"
: "Ok... And how's the math coming?"
: "Oh, elusive!"

Bert: "[The Lego Millennium Falcon directions say] ages nine to fourteen. I'm eight and you're--"
Jackie: "Twenty-six!"
Bert: "Maybe we should put this away 'til next year."
Jackie: "Sir, we are not giving up. What do I always tell you?"
Jackie and Bert together: "You can do anything you put your mind to, even fly!"

Jackie: "Are you telling me that there is a test that prepares you for a test so that you can get into college so you can, what, take more tests, so you can go to grad school and take more tests? God! I mean, I didn't go to college and look at me, I've got eight businesses, I got a healthy alimony…Hey! I teach seniors how to do acupuncture right on my own front lawn."
Warren: "Well I guess, when you put it that way..."

Warren (answers phone): "Go for Warren."
Diane: "Hey sweetie."
Warren: "Oh hey Mom!"
Diane: "How's the studying going?"
Warren: "Oh, great! Or should I say, superfluous!"

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