Season 1 Episode 13 The Tooth Fairy

01/22/14 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

STORY 1: When Bert loses a tooth, Kate learns of Pete and Jackie’s elaborate Tooth Fairy rituals. The fact that Kate doesn’t share their excitement makes her question her maternal nature. However, in helping Warren with his first study date, Kate finds she’s more maternal than she thought.

Memorable Quotes:

Kate: "She's totally into you [Warren]."
Pete: "What?"
Kate: "Yeah, the 'huh?' tells you everything. She could've said 'Math sucks.' But instead she said, 'Math sucks, huh?'
Pete: "Oh yeah, that is beautifully put. Remember sentences?"

Kate: "Do you like Allie or do you 'like like' her, or do you just like, like her?"
Warren: "I mean, she ticks all my boxes. She's awesome, we're both right-handed, we both have the same backpack...and she's got a butt that just don't quit."

Pete: "Jackie's going to be here any minute, it's okay. Law school 101: if you're about to lose the case, tamper with the evidence."

Pete: "I've saved all the kids' baby teeth."
Kate: "Do the police know?"
Pete: "One day you'll understand."
Kate: "I hope not."

Jackie: "Oh, my big boy! So what're you going to do with all the money you get from the Tooth Fairy?"
Bert: "Ask me when the market opens!"

Pete (startled): "Ahhh! Jackie. Where's Bert?"
Jackie: "I lost him. But don't worry, I replaced him with an old Asian man that I keep in a box."

Warren: "How do my bangs look?"
Kate: "Full Bieber!"


STORY 2: When Hillary invites friends over to Diane’s house, she becomes nervous her mother will ruin the evening for her.

Memorable Quotes:

: "Are we talking about lame moms? Because my mom takes the cake. So I asked for a Bee Gees poster for Christmas. I go downstairs Christmas morning, unwrap my gift, and who am I looking at? Maurice! Just Maurice. Can you imagine?!"

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