Season 1 Episode 14 Foxed Lunch

02/05/14 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

STORY 1: Jackie pitches "Foxed Lunch," a school lunch business idea, to Pete, which he dismisses because of her poor entrepreneurial track record. But Kate thinks it’s a good idea and partners up with her.

Kate: "Come on, Jackie, I think we would make great partners. I have a business mind, you have a--"
Jackie: "A beautiful mind."
Kate: "Exactly."

Meg: "Hey, why are you doing this dumb job anyways? I thought the whole reason you got married to Pete was so you didn't have to work."
Kate: "No, I married him just for love."
Meg: "Blech. Blech. Blech."

Jackie: "I gotta hand it to you, Kate. You've got a real brain behind that blonde Swedish robot face."

: "I'm not doing this for the money. I am doing it because I'd rather have one person who really, really loves our product than a thousand totally satisfied customers."

STORY 2: Warren and Bert take karate lessons with Pete. When Pete learns the boys wanted to sign up because they think Pete is too non-confrontational, Pete has to prove to his sons that he’s tough.

Pete: "This is an assigned-seat theater. If you like total anarchy, watch your movies at the Westmark 5. This is the Cineplex at Shopping Town."
Guy: "Screw off."
Warren: "No he didn't! Destroy him, Dad."
Bert: "Yeah!"
Pete: "Okay, you gentlemen leave me no choice. Usher!"

STORY 3: Hillary's decision to try out for track brings out Diane’s competitive side.

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