Season 1 Episode 18 Couples Therapy

04/02/14 Season 1 TV-PG D, L
STORY 1: In order to get some time to themselves, Pete and Kate lie to Jackie and Diane about being in couples’ therapy. The exes catch on to their trick and confront Pete for lying in order to avoid conflict. Kate rises to his defense—that Pete has changed in his relationship with her—but when Diane tells her that he switched Kate’s awful chili out for his own special recipe for Warren’s Pioneer Day, Kate gets upset.
Kate: Jackie, what are you doing here?
Jackie: Diane told me you guys were in therapy so I brought over some healing muffins! Well, I got 'em at Ralph's, but I put 'em in my own basket. But therapy, yay us! I'm so happy for us. A marriage takes three people. Whatever you do, do not sleep with your therapist. God, the fantasy is so much better than the reality.
Pete: C'mon, get in the car.
Pedestrian: Leave her alone, perv.
Kate: Oh, no it's okay. That perv is my husband.
Pete: You just acknowledged me as your husband. Does that mean we're all made up?
Kate: Beat it, perv.
STORY 2: Meanwhile, when Meg stays over to avoid Tevin, Hillary studies Meg for a psychology project on arrested adolescence.
Kate: Meg and I are going to go poster shopping because she kicked Tevin out and he took all of the blacklight art, so...
Pete: Oh, so you're relieved.
Meg: Annoyed. Now all I have is regular-light art.
Pete: That's why Diane and I broke up.
Meg: I believe it.
Pete: You shouldn't.
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