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Warren's Guide to Romance

  • By Steve Dove

You can’t deny that the men in the Harrison family know what they’re doing when it comes to the ladies. I mean Pete’s married three incredible women already! So it’s no surprise that his son, Warren, knows a thing or two about romance. Let’s take a look at the 6 key pieces of knowledge he demonstrates when it comes to charming the fairer sex.

1. Know How to Talk to a Lady



A refined, sophisticated woman like Meg needs to be wooed, you guys. You have to show her you’re a man who can get things done, whether it’s fetching her a towel or chopping up cucumbers for her water—the bigger the chunks, the better. Just watch Warren take control and show us how it’s done.

2. Know How to Kick Some Ass



Sure, it’s cool to show off your softer side, too, but sometimes a lady needs to know that you are a man who will fight for her honor. You’ll be the hero that she’s dreaming of. That’s why Warren’s taking karate lessons from Sensei Rick. That guy’s got some moves!

3. Know Your Standards



You’ve gotta know what you’re looking for in a lady, and Warren’s got that nailed down as you can see in this clip. Sure, his standards are high, but when you’re the total package like Warren, you deserve it.

4. Know How to Make a Case



Sometimes a lady is going to need some convincing. It’s only natural. So you’ve got to know how to make an airtight argument. Luckily for Warren, litigation is in his blood, as he shows off in this clip. Now I’m no fancy big city lawyer, but I think he makes a compelling case. And he definitely is NOT a cookie.

5. Know How to Show Your Creative Side



A man’s got to have his prospects, his own aspirations that show he’s on a path to success. And in this day and age there’s no bigger success than a YouTube star, right? Just think, if even one of those three viewers Hillary refers to in this clip is a lady, that’s some serious exposure.

6. Know How to Stay Cool Under Pressure



You’ve got to be able to handle whatever life throws at you, even if it’s spilling salsa on your mom’s white couch. Ladies want a man who can show some grace under fire and in this clip, Warren nails it.


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