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Reasons Why Kate and Pete Have a Dream Marriage

  • By Jason Leung

In a special two-part episode of Trophy Wife, Pete agrees to give Kate the dream wedding she never had. Part One (ABC TUESDAY, MARCH 11 9:30|8:30c) of the star-studded episode features Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), Dennis Haysbert (24),  and Nat Faxon (Ben and Kate). But will the wedding happen when some bad news arrives in Part Two (ABC TUESDAY, MARCH 18 9:30|8:30c) featuring guest stars Megan Mullally and Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch)?

A dream wedding proves hard to pull off, but here are some reasons why Kate and Pete have already found the perfect marriage:

1. Spending Time Together Comes First


Pete Stands Up to Diane|Pete finally stands up to Diane.|Pete finally decides to stand up to Diane, but he doesn't realize what she's asking.

Spending time together as a couple is important, and Pete won't let anything get in the way of that. At the school's '80s-themed fundraiser, Diane tries to impose, but Kate (dressed as Melanie Griffith in Working Girl) stands firmly beside Pete (dressed as Billy Idol), who rebelliously yells "no" and insists that his plans with Kate come first. Well, maybe those plans shouldn't always come first. From Episode 105 "The Tryst."

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2. Pete Supports Kate's Needs


Foxed Lunch Overload|Kate tries to run Foxed Lunch by herself.|After Jackie quits their Foxed Lunch business, Kate has to run it by herself. From the Trophy Wife episode "Foxed Lunch."

Not one to be content with washing Hillary's bras or licking Warren's envelopes, Kate needs to feel like she's doing something on her own. Without skipping a beat, Pete lets her know that he loves that about her. Plus, he's quick to defend that she doesn't have a "robot face." From Episode 114 "Foxed Lunch."

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3. They're Figuring Things Out Together


Kate Makes a Confession|Kate has no idea what she's doing.|Kate tells Pete she has no idea what she's doing.

After a day of chaos, both Kate and Pete admit that they don't know what they're doing. They're each going along for the ride, and it's that seat-of-your-pants attitude that guarantees it'll be a fun journey for the both of them. From Episode 101 "Pilot."

Kate and Pete will figure it out together, just like they'll figure out how to pull off the dream wedding that she missed out on when they eloped. Be sure to catch Trophy Wife's special 2-part episode of "The Wedding" on TUESDAY, MARCH 11 9:30|8:30c and TUESDAY, MARCH 18 9:30|8:30c! #TrophyWifeWedding

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Florence Henderson guest stars as Pete's mom in "The Wedding - Part Two."


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