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Script Tease: Parent-Teacher Meeting

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Diane and Kate sit opposite Mrs. Steinberg. Diane is sitting in a normal chair. Kate is still wedged into her tiny desk.

What do you mean an “unusual” passage?

We’ve been reading Greek mythology.

Yeah, Warren’s really into Poseidon.
(showing off)
God of the sea.

Diane is unimpressed.

Yes, Kate, everyone knows who Poseidon is.
(to Mrs. Steinberg)
Perhaps if you read us what he wrote?

Mrs. Steinberg hesitates. Then starts reading.

“Poseidon left the sea, where he lived, and came to the island, where she lived.”

Okay, so he's not Faulkner.

Mrs. Steinberg holds up her finger, like “one minute.”

“Poseidon moved in to kiss her. ‘I’m too old for you,’ she said, her breasts heaving like milky grapefruits.”

Kate snorts. Diane shoots her a look.


“‘Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,’ declared Poseidon. And then with his agile tongue, he licked her ankle tattoo until it glistened. He could wait no longer. His mighty trident ripped through his--”


That’s enough.


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