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  • The Harrisons Walk the Plank
    "We're trying to teach these Millennials some manners."
    Jackie, Pete, and Bert get banned from a pirate-themed mini golf course after an altercation with other golfers.
    Episode 12  | 
  • Bert Meets Chris Harrison
    The Bachelor's Chris Harrison gives Bert a rose.
    Kate's old flame, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison, brings Bert a birthday rose. From the Trophy Wife episode "Happy Bert Day."
    Episode 15  | 
  • Bert's Birthday Dance
    Bert shows off his moves at his birthday party.
    Bert's dance performance is the perfect end to his Aladdin-themed birthday party. From the Trophy Wife episode "Happy Bert Day."
    Episode 15  | 
  • Foxed Lunch Overload
    Kate tries to run Foxed Lunch by herself.
    After Jackie quits their Foxed Lunch business, Kate has to run it by herself. From the Trophy Wife episode "Foxed Lunch."
    Episode 14  | 
  • Texting with Warren
    Kate helps Warren text a girl.
    Kate teaches Warren the basics of texting with a girl from school.
    Episode 13  | 
  • Karate with Sensei Rick
    Warren and Bert take a karate class.
    Sensei Rick (guest star Rob Corddry), the instructor of Warren and Bert's karate class, is a little over the top. From the Trophy Wife episode "Foxed Lunch."
    Episode 14  | 
  • Tooth or Consequences
    "Give me the real tooth."
    Jackie gets upset when she realizes the tooth Pete gave her doesn't belong to Bert.
    Episode 13  | 
  • Kate The Punisher
    "I just punished all over this place."
    After some coaching from Diane, Kate puts her foot down and punishes Warren and Hillary for the first time.
    Episode 12  | 
  • Think Like a Lobster
    Warren accidentally lets Pete's birthday lobsters escape.
    Warren, Bert, and Hillary scramble to find Pete's birthday lobsters after they escape.
    Episode 11  | 
  • Pete's Birthday is Cursed
    "Yeah, real cursed."
    Pete's trying to convince the DMV driving instructor his birthday is cursed when Kate pulls up in a shiny, red Ferrari.
    Episode 11  | 
  • The Harrisons' Christmas Hangover
    The Harrisons try to piece together the events of Christmas eve.
    Kate, Pete, Diane, and Jackie wake up hung over on Christmas with no memory of why the house is a disaster.
    Episode 10  | 
  • The Perfect Christmas Moment
    Kate, Diane, and Jackie create the perfect Christmas moment.
    Due to an unfortunate series of events, the Harrisons' Christmas tree catches fire.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Beary White Custody Fight
    Warren and Bert argue over Beary White.
    Warren and Bert plead their cases for custody of Beary White in front of Judge Pete.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Kate and Jackie Bond
    "I cant believe she did that to me."
    Kate and Jackie bond over having to deal with the formidable Diane.
    Episode 8  | 

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