Season 1
All The World's a Stage
All The World's a Stage
Season 1 | Episode 106 | Aired 07/28/2013

When we last left Rue Manor, the lifeless figures of Sasha and Dana were found frozen stiff by the piano. This pair of gone-too-soon guests brings the grand total of those who have perished up to seven. The killer hides amongst those who remain hoping to claim $250,000. All the survivors have to do to collect their reward is find the killer before he or she finds them.

Giles shares a dance with one of the maids before letting the guests know they can examine the respective bedrooms of the deceased and the morgue. There are footprints on the rugs in the hallway as well as in Sasha’s room. There are also dolly tracks and a white face cloth with lipstick on it. Blood spatters lead Geno to an elevator. Cris must use a metal device to break into Dana’s room which also has marks on the rug and blood spots leading to the elevator.

In the morgue, Kam notices that Sasha has a gash on her left forearm and Dana has one on her right. There’s cloth-like fiber in both of their noses. There are signs of wounds on Dana’s pajamas, but Sasha’s PJs are pretty much intact. Kam wants to ice out Geno, but Ronnie chooses to give the guy false information. Melina is confused when she hears the info. The note Ronnie slips to her when Geno isn’t looking helps clear things up.

The guests are invited to stand behind life-size renditions of themselves in the Rue Manor Theater where they are treated to a movie screening revealing the killer’s riddle. Geno finds a clue in the piano where he finds a scalpel. Melina and Ronnie join him to cut open the dummies in the theater. There’s another clue in the back. Cris finds a hidden wall leading to a second morgue where there is blood around the sink and the rolling device that was used. There’s also a bloody hatchet.

The guests reveal their theories to the killer. Kam learns that he has been spared after impressing the killer, who used a door-opening gizmo to sneak into the victims' rooms. He knocked out Sasha, stabbed Dana and left footprints using big shoes that could have been stuffed to hide one's identity. He then fixed up their dead bodies in the second morgue so it would lead to a chilling discovery by the piano.

Geno and Ronnie receive scared cards. One of these two will soon be amongst the dearly departed, but not before there’s a Hawaiian luau complete with leis for all the guests. Giles suggests the guests do a limbo, but he’s the one who ends up seeing how low he can go. Shortly after Giles leaves the party, the lights go out. CRASH! A beam of light shines on Geno’s lifeless body in the center of the room. He is covered by the remnants of a chandelier that fell from above.

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