Season 1
Frost Nixin
Frost Nixin
Season 1 | Episode 108 | Aired 08/11/2013

There are 4 guests left competing for the $250,000 prize.  Cris, Kam, Melina and Lindsey. For the first time, the guests are offered four different locations to investigate Ronnie’s murder.  The new mystery area is limited to one guest.  The final four must compete for the mystery area to gain an advantage and receive an additional 3 minutes in any other area.


The challenge for the mystery area is in the form of ice.  They must stab through a block of ice to free a yellow container.  Melina is literally killing it until Kam catches up and wins the challenge.  He selects the crime scene. Lindsey and Melina get into a heated discussion on who will get to have the ‘last known whereabouts’.  Their discussion hits a dead end and Giles hands out envelopes that the killer already prepared for this situation.


Lindsey will go to the last known whereabouts.  Melina gets the morgue.  Cris will double up with her teammate Kam and investigate the crime scene.  Cris doesn’t come up with a lot of information at the pool.  The mystery room gives Kam footage of Ronnie in the hot tub and his ejection to the pool.  Lindsey notices an unlabeled substance on the tea tray.  Melina finds that Ronnie has a high temperature although he had ice all over him.


The partnership between Cris, Kam and Lindsey has come up short on the information.  Melina took her notes and confronts the three.  She’s spot on and makes everyone nervous.  Melina feels comfortable and confident that she can take on the partnership.


During the challenge, Melina takes her time with the word search before scouring around the house.  Kam is able to solve the word search and finds the clue.  Liquid nitrogen was used to freeze Ronnie in the pool but Kam believes the murder weapon isn’t there.  After discussing probable murder weapons, Kam believes that ricin is the weapon because it is made of castor beans.  Struggling to survive, Melina decides to eavesdrop on the three.  Unfortunately, the information Melina heard may not be enough for her to survive.


Kam impressed the killer this week.  Giles then walks everyone through the murder.  Ronnie went to the library to write a letter to Giles explaining who the killer is.  The killer sends a maid to deliver some tea to Ronnie.  Ronnie unknowingly added ricin to his drink.  The killer wanted the best for Ronnie and gave him the hot spa treatment.  The spa was rigged with liquid nitrogen set to go off on a timer.   The ricin he ingested caused his body to rise to a deadly 105 degrees.  The poisonous ricin was the cause of death.  Once the timer went off, Ronnie was ejected from the spa into the pool.


Cris and Kam are spared leaving Melina and Lindsey with the scared cards.  Everyone assembles by the pool table in the morning and Lindsey is acting particularly weird this morning.  The four enter the limo without seeing who the driver is.  They are taken for a quick spin around the block and arrive back at Rue Manor.  There is a television set up in the living when they return.  On the screen, Giles has a message for the guests.  He’s tied up with guns pointed at him and warns them he may die if they do not solve the riddle.  Gas then floods the living.  Cris, Kam and Lindsey cannot locate Melina in all the smoke.

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